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The Fatal Flaw That Bitcoin Bulls Refuse to Discuss

Amid all the furor over bitcoin – the virtual currency is trading around $6,000 currently, following six-fold growth in 2017 – a key detail on how the currency actually works has been lost. Or perhaps this detail has been deliberately omitted by bitcoin bulls because it damns bitcoin as a viable future currency. I’m speaking of the currency’s much-ballyhooed limit of 21 million bitcoins in circulation. The very feature hyped most by the bulls is bitcoin’s Achilles heel. I’ve seen only economists discuss this limit but then be drowned out by a chorus of bitcoin bulls who say the economists “just don’t get it.” Continue reading The Fatal Flaw That Bitcoin Bulls Refuse to Discuss

Amazon Is Caught in Wall Street’s Trap

AmazonAmazon (AMZN) is a fine business. It’s vacuuming up sales and dominating online retail in a truly extraordinary way. In fact, it’s managed to grow sales by more than 25% over the past five years and by nearly 29% over the last decade. With growth last year of 20%, Amazon just racked up $107 billion in sales versus a meager $8.5 billion in 2005. To put it another way, Amazon’s sales growth of $18 billion in 2015 was more than twice as much as the company sold in total in 2005. That’s the power of compounding. Unfortunately, that hasn’t translated into substantial profits, though last year the company recorded its highest operating profit ever. And this is all contributing to a significant dilemma. Continue reading Amazon Is Caught in Wall Street’s Trap

Inside the Curious Mind of John Malone has a transcript of a recent interview with John Malone, chairman of the Liberty empire of companies. Malone always provides an insightful take on the industry, and of course, he’s a must-watch industry participant, even though he refers to himself merely as an investor nowadays. The interview covers not only cable companies such as Charter, but as well content creators like Lionsgate, and global platforms such as Facebook. Continue reading Inside the Curious Mind of John Malone