How You Just Missed An Easy $1,000+ On This Take Private

kcl2955Did you get to take advantage of the recent take private situation at Kansas City Life Insurance (KCLI)? I provided all the details on the situation in a special free report and in multiple articles to readers of this site. Anyone could have taken advantage of the company’s decision to go private and earn $1,000 – $1,250 at a very attractive and quick return. In many cases, investors stacked this special situation and bought the stock in multiple accounts. With such a huge spread, it wouldn’t have been difficult to pocket $10,000 in as short as a week.

In my latest article I noted:

For the next week only, you should be able to score really nicely on a Kansas City Life Insurance (KCLI) offer. How nicely? You should be able to earn 6.8% over the next 8 days, or a 305% annualized return. This is one of those special situations that’s fantastic for small shareholders to take advantage of….

This take private situation at Kansas City Life Insurance looks very similar to a tender offer. The company is looking to go private because its largest shareholders want to keep the profits of the business to themselves. So they are offering to buy out public shareholders at what they’ve determined is a fair price.

That’s easy money – the kind I like best! I’m preparing special free reports on situations like this all the time. And you can get your hands on all my special free reports by just dropping your email in the box at the top of the page. Right now I’m preparing a report on my top dividend stock for 2016. It’s a new company that almost no one knows about. It pays a HUGE dividend and is run by many of the same execs that returned an astounding 24% per year at their old company.

Did you make out like a bandit on Kansas City Life? Let me know in the comments below.

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