A 305% Annualized Return at Kansas City Life Insurance

kcl2955For the next week only, you should be able to score really nicely on a Kansas City Life Insurance (KCLI) offer. How nicely? You should be able to earn 6.8% over the next 8 days, or a 305% annualized return. This is one of those special situations that’s fantastic for small shareholders to take advantage of. In fact, the very structure of this special situation keeps large shareholders from stealing the profit. In this situation, you should be able to earn $830 in a little over a week by just clicking your mouse a few times. The situation closes on December 16, 2015.

This “take private” situation at Kansas City Life Insurance looks very similar to a tender offer. The company is looking to go private because its largest shareholders want to keep the profits of the business to themselves. So they are offering to buy out public shareholders at what they’ve determined is a fair price. It’s a relatively simple process for public shareholders to buy a few shares and profit. But you need to have all the details on the situation, including just how many shares you need to purchase to earn the most benefit.

So I’ve prepared a special free report that gives you the important details on this “take private” situation. I’ve even included the auditors’ official valuation and links to the relevant SEC filings so you can see the details yourself. Just enter your email in the box at the top of the page, and I’ll send you this special free report. This offer expires in a week, so don’t delay. I’ll also send you my next special free report, My Top Dividend Stock for 2016, as soon as it’s available. The stock offers a 7%+ yield and is run by a veteran team of execs that turned another REIT into a dividend machine over the past two decades.

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